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2016 Service Call Rates

Effective on January 1, 2016 our service rates are as follows, remaining in effect for all signed maintenance and service contracts until December 31, 2016.


Travel from Port to Port

24hr: $58.00 per man hour


Roofing Standard Rate

7am-5pm Monday-Friday: $74.00 per man hour

7am-5pm Saturday only:  $92.00 per man hour


Roofing Night Rate

5pm-7am Monday-Saturday only: $92.00 per man hour


Roofing Sundays & Holidays

24 hours: $105.00 per man hour


Public Wage Rate

7am-5pm Monday-Friday: $105.00 per man hour

* Material Costs not included in above prices.

Note: To adequately address the safety concerns associated with working on a roof we do not dispatch our technicians in teams of less than (2) persons per team. There is a minimum of two persons on any service call.

A $50 fuel surcharge will be applied to all work orders to cover the cost of fuel.

Please contact us at (315) 685-8993 or (800) 440-8993 to schedule a service call.